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Διεθνής Ημερίδα: "Four Decades of Hiatus in Archaeological Research in Cyprus: Towards Restoring the Balance"

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Four Decades of Hiatus in Archaeological Research in Cyprus:
Towards Restoring the Balance

An International Workshop organised by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities

Saturday 24 September 2016
Kastelliotisa Hall, Nicosia


08:45-09:15 Registration

09:15-09:30 Address by Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou, Director, Department of Antiquities

Address by Despina Pilides, Curator of Antiquities, Department of Antiquities

09:30-09:55 Maria Mina
Piecing together the prehistoric archaeological record: the view through the Cyprus Museum storage rooms and archival material

09:55-10:20 Efthymia Alphas
From a Bronze Age tomb in Cyprus to the estate of a gentleman in Sussex: measures taken and problems faced in the investigations on the illicit trade of antiquities

10:20-10:45 Alan H. Simmons
Protecting and preserving the “deep time” prehistory of Cyprus

10:45-11:10 Nikos Efstratiou and Dimitris Kyriakou
Mountain archaeology in Cyprus between the two coasts: past experiences and future prospects

11:10-11:30 Break

11:30-11:55 Alain Le Brun
Un goût de revenez-y

11:55-12:20 Harry Paraskeva
“Eager eye and willing ear, pleased a simple tale to hear”: Cyprus at the dawn of a new era

12:20-12:45 Robert S. Merrillees
Over the hills and far away: the north coast of Cyprus in The Bronze Age

12:45-13:10 Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou and Zomenia Zomeni
From north to south: Red Polished Philia pottery production and distribution patterns at the beginning of the Cypriot Bronze Age

13:10-15:30 Lunch break

15:30-15:55 Giorgos Georgiou
The political division of a culturally unified island: the case of Early and Middle Bronze Age in the northern part of Cyprus

15:55-16:20 Jennifer M. Webb
Vounous and Lapithos in the Early and Middle Bronze Age: a reappraisal of the central north coast of Cyprus in the light of fieldwork and research undertaken since 1974

16:20-16:45 Lindy Crewe
Interpreting settlement function and scale during MC III–LC IA using old excavations and new: western Cyprus and Kissonerga-Skalia in context

16:45-17:05 Break

17:05-17:30 Despina Pilides
The Agios Sozomenos excavations and survey project: fortifying the current evidence

17:30-17:55 Joanna S. Smith
Phlamoudhi in archaeology, history, and art

17:55-18:30 Conclusions


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