DM Culture

I am delighted to be here today, at the Medieval Castle of Larnaka, to address this very important initiative organised by the Philippine Consul, Ms Charmagne Garcia-Laconico, under the name “NHMATA – the Common Thread”; a fashion show for the benefit of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO) NGO therapeutic educational programs.

The conscious blending of ancient motives and traditions with traditional handicrafts and contemporary artistic creation through the educational project of the Arts and Communication Department of Frederick University, in collaboration with the International Women’s Club of Cyprus, proves that a lot can be achieved when we work together and unite the public and private sector for a common cause.

The preservation of handicraft techniques that form an integral part of Cyprus’ intangible cultural heritage is an important sector of the work of the Cyprus Handicraft Service. The aim is to enable the transfer of knowledge to the younger generation and to develop handicraft as multifaceted developmental and economically viable activity.

The Deputy Ministry of Culture focuses on safeguarding, developing and promoting the handicraft tradition of Cyprus. It also aims to create appropriate conditions at local and international level, so that the craftsmen/craftswomen and masters, who are active on the island, prosper. Finally, it encourages the promotion of innovative approaches by allowing intangible cultural heritage to continue to remain at the spotlight.

In closing, I would like to congratulate, first of all, the students and professors of Frederick University. This experience will definitely enrich their first steps and I hope that it will be an important asset when they open their wings in order to achieve their goals in terms of professional career.

I am sure that the collaboration of our emerging designers with the mentor of the project, Mrs Kika Ioannidou, and the inspiration from traditional Cypriot garments has resulted in excellent creations.

I would also like to thank the Philippine Consul, Ms Charmagne Garcia-Laconico, for this wonderful initiative and for highlighting the thread that brings us together, which is none other than the love for the traditions of our homeland and for our culture and history.
I look forward to seeing the results of the project!

Thank you very much.